• Cabinet Dimensions:W228CM X D195CM X H239CM
  • Weight:220KG
How to play

1.The distance from ground to console is about 73.4 cm, the distance from ground to the center of the monitor is about 77.4 cm. It’s suitable for parents and kids to experience the game together. There is a spinning disc which can control the turret to move left or right, and a button which can fire the bullet on the console.

2.This machine is for 6 players. It can be played by 1 to 6 players play at the same time and each player must insert their own coin.

3.This theme of the game is related to aliens, the playing method is similar to retro arcade machine Galaga. There are plenty of UFOs or aliens flying in the fixed trajectory in the outer space. Player controls the turret to move left or right, and press the fire button to shoot the UFO.

4.This game can divide into 2 parts: main game and reward game:
Main game: player inserts a ten-dollar coin or the equivalent value token, and you may start the game. A ten-dollar coin can exchange ten bullets. The player must carefully observe the flying direction of UFOs or aliens, and waiting for the best timing to move to turret and fire the bullets. Once you shoot down the UFOs or aliens, you may get the gift voucher. If the players miss the shoot, the game will return the bullet automatically, you will never miss it! The kids can practice to improve the accuracy rate. This game can train the capacity of comprehensive thinking and the reaction of hand-eye coordination of kids. If you shoot the UFOs or aliens 10 out of 10 bullets, then the game is over. The time of the game is about 75 seconds, if the player wants to play it again, then the player must insert another coin.

5.Reward game:
The game will enter into the Galactic collision bonus round every 3 minutes, and during the bonus rounds, it will have the chance to trigger the “challenge cosmos king” or others reward games. At this time, the hatch of the UFO will open and the Galactic collision ball will come out automatically, according to the spot where ball falls in, then the player can get the correspond gift voucher. The higher the score in the main game, the more chance to get the gift voucher in the reward game. The player doesn’t have to insert any coin in the reward game, also the player doesn’t have to control anything, the ball will fall automatically so the machine cannot be control.

6.All of the gift voucher you get in the game can only exchange the gift which is less than 200 NT dollars, for example, pencil, notebook, etc. This machine doesn’t have the function of internet, accumulated points system and save points system.

Game Video

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