Toothy Kid


Dimensions:W128CM D81CM H185CM



How to play
1. The machine game is mainly designed to guide children to develop good tooth brushing habits. 
Adults can accompany them to play and then teach and learn correct knowledge.

2. Put in a 10 yuan coin or an equivalent game coin to start the game. After the game starts, the game instructions 
will be prompted first. You can also use a toothbrush to brush off your teeth and enter the game directly. There are 
three levels in the game.

3. In each level, children need to follow the instructions on the screen to use a toothbrush to brush their teeth 
and get points. The game time of the first level is 30 seconds, the game time of the second level is 20 seconds, 
and the game time of the third level is 10 seconds. The entire game process is about 2 minutes.
Game Video

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