Importing & Exporting

Importing and exporting countries new machine, KIT set… etc, and cooperation with world-class factory, such as SEGA, NAMCO, KONAMI, TAITO … as well as Europe and the United States business BayTek, Skeeball …, to provide customers with the latest machine information, good sales channels, provide a reasonable price and good after-sales service.

Manage & Plan

Whether indoor or outdoor playground for the market demand and local characteristics, we can provide overall planning services, planning out the best machine configuration and business strategy.

Operate and rental business

Diversification strategy could be taking into account a small investment with high profit expectations of the industry. We can provide all kinds of new type of machine, used machine and rent service to create win-win situation.

Maintenance service

With years of experience, regardless of any type of machine, we have a strong service team can quickly and effectively handle the maintenance, so customers worry-free operation.


We welcome the abstract ideas, imagination and practical experience coupled with sensitivity to the market, let us design and development, not only can grasp the cost and timeliness, to better differentiate their new models.